About Firoz K.

“Every thing is determined to end one day, be it anything. But the thing that hurt most is the people and the moments gone undocumented. Nothing can take place of the loved ones or the moment you shared but photographs can keep those people and moments in them for ever. Trends in photography will come and go, but the moments frozen will never come back. The photographs will always have the people that are no longer here. The laughs you had will always be there hanging in your room in the form of photograph. Get pictures not because everyone is getting, get pictures because the moments will fly by and wont come back.” ~ Firoz



Born in 1991 in as youngest of 5 siblings who all were into arts, Firoz’s transition to photography didn’t happened until 2009. Being a techie he was always fascinated with electronics, gadgets and computers, and that contributed to his journey in photography.

His brother who happened to be a graphic designer introduced him to Photoshop and he just fell in love with the power to play and create designs and images. He started with conceptual photography, using Photoshop to manipulate and create images according to his wish. But soon his hunger to learn more about photography made him restless during his four years of computer science and engineering and instead of opting to go work in the field of software he got into one of the finest photography institutes of India, AJK MCRC Jamia Millia Islamia. The rigorous course taught him the technical side of photography and prepared him to deliver his best.

He was all into commercial and portrait photography but after shooting his first wedding, he just fell in love with the thrill and joy of shooting weddings and he hasn’t looked back ever since.


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